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Modern technology has made advances in various industries and made our lives better in many ways. One of such industries is related to products used in home heating and cooling process. Energy efficiency has impressively increased, and we all see the positive effects when our heating and cooling bills arrive. Many people question if it costs more to heat their houses in the winter or to keep it cool during those hot summer months.

We all look for unique ways to save on energy and reduce costs. As our planet changes, we are continuously looking for new and unique ways to do this. We all know the traditional methods; closing curtains during the hottest part of the day to reduce unwanted heat in the summer, opening the blinds or curtains during the winter to increase the heat.  So what are the unique ways to save on electricity and reduce costs? 

Key Points
  • Regular rooftop unit maintenance can significantly reduce your summer energy costs.
  • Change filters regularly. Check for air leaks and improper refrigerant level and fix accordingly.
  • If it’s time to upgrade, check with Pacific Power for cash-back incentives for high-efficiency equipment.

Packaged rooftop units provide heating and cooling to all types of commercial buildings. They operate in harsh outdoor environments and since they are located up on the roof, they are easy to forget.

Dog urine damage

Did you know?

Do you have a dog?  How about a male dog that likes to mark his territory? If you do you might want to find out if bowser considers your Heat Pump a part of his territory.  A dogs’ urine will dissolve the aluminum fins of your Heat Pumps outdoor coil and even cause the copper pipes inside to corrode and start leaking refrigerant.  That’s not good, it’s not covered under your warranty, and it’s more expensive to repair than to just to replace the heat pump or air conditioner.

Winter, the temperatures drop and your furnace or heat pump quits working and you call us and then you get frustrated cause everybody and their brother has called before you and we can't get to you as fast as you like and then we are frustrated because we can't keep everybody happy and are running full speed just to keep up with everyone that is out of heat.  Phew!

Here are a few things to think about when the temperatures drop.

1. Change your air filter! 

We had a great time celebrating with you this past Friday. Thanks to all of you for coming out and being part of our 60th Anniversary celebration

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