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Commercial HVAC Services

Woman standing in front of organic local shopToday's business and commercial buildings have a unique challenge when it comes to making their customers and employees comfortable without spending a fortune on energy bills.

A properly ventilated work environment that has the right humidity and temperature goes a long way towards keeping people happy within your business. Study after study shows that comfortable workers produce more and comfortable shoppers spend more. Just as companies have made tremendous strides in lighting to increase sales and productivity, the same is happening for companies that focus on their HVAC systems. 

While your building's climate may not be something that a patron remembers specifically they will remember how they felt when they were there. If it's too cold inside they may feel unwelcome, if it's too hot they may feel overwhelmed and stressed and pressured. Keeping your location suited for the season and the activities inside are key to maintaining a comfortable and pleasant space. Keep the comfort of your business in mind as a customer service and employee satisfaction component. 

Keeping people comfortable is what Home Comfort does best, and we'd enjoy partnering with you to plan, install, and service your company's heating and cooling needs.

Commercial HVAC Installation & Planning

Commercial HVAC PlanningCommercial heating and cooling system designs are affected by a large number of variables. Your needs depend on the type of business, the number of employees and building size just to name a few. Whether you run a restaurant or automotive shop we can help you with your specific HVAC needs. Regardless of the application, we can help you solve issues and keep you in compliance with local laws and regulations saving time, money and frustration.

Commercial HVAC Replacements & Upgrades

Deciding when it’s time to repair or replace your commercial heating and cooling system can be difficult. As with any mechanical system, there are many factors to consider, including the age, condition of the equipment and your businesses plans and goals.

Even if your older system still seems to be running smoothly, you might consider investing in a new model, especially if your system is more than 10 years old. A higher-efficiency system can significantly reduce your energy costs thus increasing your bottom line. As an added benefit, an improved system can improve air quality and enhance the comfort for your employees and customers.

Commercial HVAC Repair & Maintenance

HVAC repairman repairing equipmentKeeping your building’s HVAC system clean is not only smart it can also increase workplace safety. The ventilation in your building is picking up and redistributing all of the chemicals, grease, carbon monoxide, perfumes, and smoke that your building is producing. These contaminants deposit themselves all along the insides of your heating and cooling system. Cleaning your HVAC units on a regular basis increases the health of the HVAC system while also benefiting the health of your employees and customers.

Whether looking to repair or replace an existing system we are here to help. With countless satisfied commercial customers, you can rest assured knowing that we will bring the highest quality, professionalism and experience to your business. We will strive to earn and keep your business today and well into the future.

Commercial HVAC & Indoor Air Quality Audits

We have helped many businesses perform air quality audits. During each audit, we will evaluate your entire HVAC system and include industry standard monitoring and reporting. Besides being thoughtful and preventive, audits showcase to your employees that you care about their safety and comfort. An air quality audit could easily help with not only employee retention, but mitigate any safety complaints as well. Each report comes with official documentation for you to display or file away for safe keeping.

Commercial Radiant & In Floor Heating

Radiant Heating

Are you struggling to keep your large commercial space warm and climate controlled? Spaces like garages, auto shops, and warehouses benefit by using radiant heating, instead of blowing hot air around your building with traditional HVAC solutions, radiant heating heats the existing air and surfaces efficiently. This heat can be placed where your employees will need it most.

In floor heating

In floor heating is a great and efficient way to heat commercial spaces. This type of heating costs fractions to operate when compared to other types of heating and it provides a consistent temperature without hot and cold spots forming in a given room. It is true that heating of this type is best done with an already planned remodel or new construction as its installation is complex and extensive.

Commercial Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit at NightHome Comfort has the commercial outdoor heating solutions you need to transform your business’s outdoor space from cold and blistery to warm and cozy. Our solutions range from plumbing your business to take advantage of an unlimited supply of natural gas for that commercial gas grill, to installing those beautiful outdoor fire pits and in addition, we offer many forms of outdoor heating solutions. Imagine turning that seasonally unused space into a profitable location that will have your customers raving about their experience.   

Commercial Planned Maintenance

Why Maintenance And Repair Of An HVAC System Is Crucial

When an HVAC system is properly maintained and repaired, it not only helps to keep customers happy, it saves the commercial enterprise money, and every business owner appreciates this. Something as simple as dirty filters affect the efficiency of the system, and a small leak in a duct can lead to rising energy bills. For these and numerous other reasons, every business owner should consider obtaining a maintenance plan through a local HVAC provider, and we offer a service program that is both simple and popular. 

With the help of this program business, owners find they can ensure their system is maintained at all times to reduce the risk of a breakdown. Furthermore, the program helps to detect problems early, so they can be repaired before they do a great deal of damage. This helps to keep heating and cooling costs to a minimum. 

The Need For Maintenance

HVAC systems are called on to heat and cool large spaces, yet they must be maintained to do the job efficiently. This may involve nothing more than replacing filters and clearing drain pipes routinely or it may involve more complex tasks. This depends on the type of system involved. Maintenance helps to keep energy bills down, and it also helps to extend the lifespan of the heating and/or cooling unit, saving the business owner money in the long run.

Furthermore, business ventilation systems pick up a number of contaminants during normal operation. This includes substances such as grease, chemicals and smoke, and the system then distributes the contaminants throughout the building. With the help of a regular maintenance plan, companies find they are able to reduce the health issues and prevent problems within the system that arise from exposure to these substances. The costs associated with treating employees who become sick while on the job often outweigh the costs to maintain the system and business owners need to remember this at all times.

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