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Does it cost more to heat or cool my house, and why?

Modern technology has made advances in various industries and made our lives better in many ways. One of such industries is related to products used in home heating and cooling process. Energy efficiency has impressively increased, and we all see the positive effects when our heating and cooling bills arrive. Many people question if it costs more to heat their houses in the winter or to keep it cool during those hot summer months. If you compare the energy expenditure ratings, there should not be much difference between heating and cooling expenses, but our bills tend to vary a lot due to a number of factors.

Location, Location, Location

First of all, I believe that your home's location is an important factor when answering whether it costs more to heat or cool your home. Logically, when you live in an area where the winters are short and mild, bills will be higher when cooling your home in the summer due to the longer period of hot weather. However, when talking about areas where winter lasts longer, heating tends to impose more stress on your budget. In areas where summers and winters last for equal periods of time, heating somehow tends to be a bit pricier due to a great number of reasons.

Home Insulation

 Your Homes Insulation is your first line of defense in lowering the heating and cooling costs. Good insulation prevents your home from leaking your precious heat and, in the summer, it keeps the cool air inside and the heat from creeping into your home from outside. Another thing to focus on is the quality of your doors and windows, as they can cause loss of heat in winter months. To bring those heating and cooling bills down, don't overlook these key components in your home. They are well worth the investment. Besides just taking care of your insulation there is more to controlling your energy bill than having a properly insulated home.

Smart Choices

After taking care of insulation and the installment of energy efficient windows, We believe that knowledge is power. That's why we urge our customers to gather as much information about what heating a home entails and how your HVAC equipment functions. You are the one who is in control of keeping your energy bills as low as possible. People tend to make counterintuitive choices when it comes to heating or cooling their homes- for example; most people like having a fireplace. While a fireplace does provide a warm and romantic atmosphere, the reality is that they are an inefficient way of keeping your entire home warm. This is largely due to the chimney that channels most of the fire's energy up and out of your home. While you only receive a fraction of energy & heat to warm your home. Replacing your home's old wood burning stove with a properly installed gas fireplace can add the romantic atmosphere you want while complementing your home's existing heating and cooling system. People also tend to want their home's as warm as possible in the winter. Keeping your house at 75 degrees feels cozy, but  68 degrees is comfortable with little extra clothing, and it saves you money. Another area that people tend to overlook is the importance of proper maintenance and regular service. Having worn parts on your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace causes them to work harder to keep your family comfortable. Inadequate maintenance leads to higher heating and cooling bills.

Do We Save Money?

The answer: It depends. As we already mentioned, there are many factors that affect how much our bills are going to be high. It is important to take care of the basics first, appropriate insulation. Afterward, it is important to heed the advice experts on how to save energy and lower your cooling and heating bills. For the first time because technology has advanced so much, over the years, your home's HVAC equipment has become much more energy efficient and by following the advice in this article heating and cooling your home should be relatively equal in cost year after year. If you do see large fluctuations in your winter to summer heating bill take a closer look at your home and habits or give us a call, and we will come out and do a free home audit.