What is Ductless or Mini-Split Heating and Cooling?

Imagine you wanted to add-on to your house with an expanded bedroom or new living room. Adding additional air ducts and demands to your existing forced-air system might not be possible. For a situation like this, adding a mini-split or ductless heating and cooling system could be the perfect solution.

“The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and individual cooling rooms.” energy.com

Retrofits and expansions are where these ductless systems are the most common in the United States. However, while still relatively uncommon, many new construction and home remodeling projects opt to use ductless systems for convenience and efficiency. Trust our HVAC services!

Ductless systems provide the ability to have separate heating and cooling zones for increased flexibility and potential energy savings. Another common reason that customers consider this type of system is to help maintain great indoor air quality.

While ductless systems are a great option to consider, they do have a few drawbacks that you may want to consider. Many homeowners think having heating and cooling appliances visible inside the house is unsightly. Beyond the visual clutter, fewer Americans are familiar with ductless mini-split systems, which may impact your home’s future sale, or at the very least, you and your realtor might have to help explain the benefits to potential buyers.

While still a relatively small part of the American HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) market, mini-split ductless systems continue to improve and are another great option to consider when selecting HVAC systems for your home. Trust our HVAC contractors!

An Overview of Services Related to Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Oregon

Here is a comprehensive overview of these services.

If you are looking for a seamless cooling solution, our ductless mini-split installation services can help you achieve this goal. In addition to fixing your indoor air conditioner unit into your specified room and wall, our experts also take care of installing the outdoor unit in a functional yet safe space. 

With extensive experience in installing ductless solutions, our seasoned experts effectively plan the installation in a way that lets your unit steer clear of common problems. It adds to the longevity of your new unit while also making maintenance easier.

With our attention to ensuring proper ventilation and condensation for future use, our unit installation services deliver a solution that could last for years. If you wish to remove your mini-split unit, later on, our installation fixtures can also help you achieve this feat more efficiently. 

Our ductless heat pump solutions are designed to help you stay cozy and comfortable in challenging winters. While these heat pumps provide you with your desired warm temperature in the chilly weather, they still come with all of the inherent features of ductless systems. 

It includes complete control over the temperature of each room, energy-efficient heating solutions, and self-regulated temperature maintenance. These solutions also serve the purpose of a minimalist aesthetic, which is a highly important advantage if visual excellence is important for you.

Through Home Comfort’s ductless heat pump solutions, you can reap all of these rewards without stretching yourself thin. Our equipment also comes with installation services, ensuring that your unit can become a seamless part of your room without any challenges. 

Ductless heating and cooling bring a variety of benefits to the table. These advantages include but are not limited to highly-controlled temperature for each room, seamlessly-quiet operation throughout the day, and minimal maintenance for both indoor and outdoor units. 

Whether you are looking for an aesthetically-pleasing solution or a highly-functional temperature control unit, going for a ductless heating and cooling unit lets you achieve your goals with the utmost ease. With affordable and competitive prices, finding your ideal solution also becomes a walk in the park, with the right team, of course.


With the help of Home Comfort, you can also attain these milestone requirements without subjecting yourself to any stress. Through our experts, you can not only find highly capable ductless units but also use them for years to come with their easy maintenance, regular performance checks, and energy-efficient solutions.

We are pleased to have a team of HVAC contractors who have years of experience in a ductless heat pump, a ductless system, general air conditioning, and other types of work. Whether you need assistance with a ductless heat pump installation or ductless system, our experts can certainly help.

If you have any questions about these or other heating and cooling systems, let us be your local resource for help and information. Our knowledgeable team of ductless heat pumps, air conditioners, ductless systems, heat pumps, and general air conditioning system experts is here for you. Give us a call today or email us today. Contact our HVAC company!

All the Home Comfort installers are licensed and have clean background checks so you can have complete

All HVAC units will benefit from regular maintenance. One of the first tell-tale signs that your unit

The average lifespan of a ductless air conditioner is 12 to 15 years. Over time your HVAC system

Here are some of the most common reasons your ductless mini-split system needs to be repaired:


  1. What is the size of space you want to cool?

  2. Determine whether you want both heating as well as cooling or just need one of these?

  3. What noise level are you willing to tolerate?

  4. Do you have any specific filtration requirements?

  5. Should the finished system blend in with your other appliances?

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