Regular maintenance doesn’t just keep your system clean and mitigate more significant problems, and it also helps extend its longevity.

One of the easiest and fastest maintenance tasks is most often overlooked: filters. Check and replace your filters regularly!

Regular maintenance checklist:

  • Regularly check and replace your filters. If you are unsure which filters and which size you need, you can always reach out to us for assistance.

  • Check around the air conditioner for any leaking water.

  • Smell your air conditioner and be aware of smokey or burning smells from it. If that occurs, contact us and a technician will discuss options.

  • Listen to your air conditioner and note any vibrations or unusual noises. If you notice any, call a technician right away.

Monthly maintenance checklist: 

  • You should do a visual inspection of your outside unit to ensure that the area around the air conditioner is clean and free of debris.

  • Remove any dirt, leaves, and other debris to help your system run smoothly and efficiently.

If at any time you would like a second opinion or want maintenance handled for you. Just give us a call or fill out the form below.

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