As with all HVAC systems, proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your systems. You don’t always need to have a technician perform every maintenance; here are a few daily, monthly, and periodic maintenance items you can perform yourself:

Daily maintenance checklist:

  • Check around the boiler for any leaking water

  • Clear any obstructions around the boiler

  • Double-check temperature and any pressure readings to ensure they are within an appropriate range.

  • If you have a display on your boiler, check for service or error codes – if you see any, note them down and schedule an appointment with a technician to repair the boiler.

  • Listen to your boiler and note any vibrations or unusual noises. If you notice any, call a technician right away.

Monthly maintenance checklist: 

  • Take a look at the combustion air piping, gas vent, relief valve pipe, and boiler relief valve for signs of leakage, blockage, obstruction, or deterioration.

  • If you have a condensing boiler, take time to check the drain line, PVC fittings, drain systems, and the drain trap for any blockage.

Periodic maintenance checklist: 

  • Check the hydronic piping for any signs of leaks.

  • If possible, check the burner flame. If the flame looks unusual, call a technician to investigate potential causes.

  • Call a technician to have your low water cutoff tested to ensure it is working properly. You went to ensure that the water levels inside do not dip below manufacturer-recommended levels.

If at any time you would like a second opinion or want maintenance handled for you. Just give us a call or fill out the form below.

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