Geothermal Heating and cooling installation

Due to the work required to install a geothermal system properly, this is not a Do-It-Yourself job. Experienced technicians and specialized tools are needed for this type of work. The “closed-loop” variation is the most common type of geothermal system people get installed. This is done by trenching your ground and installing high-density polyethylene pipes that are then are buried between 4 – 6 feet deep. These pipes are filled with an environmentally friendly antifreeze/water solution which works as a heat exchanger. This enables the system to heat in winter by bringing warmth in and cool in summer by removing the house’s heat back into the ground. The air is delivered throughout the house via ductwork, similarly to conventional systems. The air handler (the box you will see with the coil and fan) consists of a large blower and a filter, just like air conditioners. It’s important to note that while most geothermal systems are automatically covered under homeowner’s insurances, you should contact your insurance provider and make sure it is covered. You should also inform your provider in writing that you have a new system to ensure it is added to your policy. If you would like an estimate or want to move forward with installing a geothermal heating and cooling system then give us a call or contact us below.


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