Regular maintenance can help extend your heat pump’s longevity and keep repair costs low. Below are a few maintenance tips for your unit:

  • Check your air filters monthly. Clean or replace them as needed.

  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, and debris. This includes the top, sides, bottom, and around the heat pump.

  • Keep shrubs and trees pruned back at least 18 inches from all sides of the heat pump to allow for proper airflow and servicing. (move up one paragraph)

  • Keep the outdoor coils clean. If they require cleaning, use a household cleaner that is safe on aluminum and hose them down lightly. Make sure to turn the breaker to the heat pump off first.

  • Schedule a technician to flush the indoor condensate pan and drain in the Spring before using the air conditioning. This is extremely important if the unit is above or in a finished living area. A trained service technician should only complete this.

  • Fan motors may need to be lubricated by a service technician

  • Schedule a technician to inspect and/or clean your heat pump at least once a year.

Contact us via the form below, or give us a call to schedule your maintenance appointment: (503) 623 – 2341


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