As the rain pours down, all you want is to be snug inside your property, but this has been impossible since your heating system began malfunctioning a couple of days ago, making you feel frustrated all the time, however – no one should have to endure this type of stress with their already-hectic schedule. That’s where we at Home Comfort Inc. come into play.

As the proud recipient of the Lennox Centurion Award, our HVAC company has provided superior service since 1954. Many clients have entrusted us with their issues, and we have addressed them promptly and effectively, so you can feel confident that your property heating system will be in capable hands whenever you decide to reach out to us!


What Do We Have to Offer? 

Don’t worry if you still have some doubts about our services! Below, you’ll find products we offer repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation for at any time – since we are available 24/7 in an emergency. We’re here to help whenever needed!


Investing in a furnace is any central heating system’s most significant financial and physical commitment. We can provide all the information you need to choose a reliable unit that maximizes energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Heat Pumps

Explore how you can save money and enjoy a more comfortable space in your home with heat pumps. This energy-efficient technology transfers cold air from inside to the outdoors, making your living area cooler during hot summer days.

Ductless Mini Split

Suppose you’re looking to add comfort and control while preserving energy. In that case, a ductless mini-split system is a perfect solution. Not only are installation costs kept low due to the lack of need for ductwork, but their efficiency levels make them an even better choice!


Geothermal systems are the most efficient and long-term solution available today. It extracts heat energy from the ground to heat and cool your property, meaning that you get a reliable system that requires minimal maintenance from the beginning.


With a modern boiler system, you can expect comfortable temperatures in every corner of your property. Moreover, boilers boast low energy costs, so you don’t have to worry about draining your wallet with unnecessary bills!

Get Any of These Through Some Simple Steps

Discover the services you need with ease in only three simple steps!

  1. Contact us quickly and simply by visiting our website or dialing (503) 623-2341.
  2. After we accurately assess your needs, our team will provide you with the optimal services tailored to meet them.
  3. By choosing our services, you’ll receive the exceptional work you deserve.

Get the Heating Services You Were Looking for at Home Comfort Inc.

Don’t fall victim to expensive and time-consuming HVAC system services when the right heating company can save you both. Home Comfort Inc. offers reliable assistance that promises to restore your home’s comfort level from day one! Reach out today, so we can begin helping you as soon as possible – don’t delay any longer towards having a stress-free living experience with us on board!