On a sweltering day, you only want to stay comfortable and relaxed inside your property. However, your cooling system has been malfunctioning lately. No tinkering can get it back up and running again, making you feel frustrated, as you should! Don’t worry – Home Comfort Inc understands how busy life can be. We’re here to simplify things with our services so you won’t have to sweat over this issue any longer.

Home Comfort Inc. has been providing excellent HVAC services and products since 1954, delivering only the finest in heating & air conditioning systems and first-rate purification technology. With Ben Flande’s leadership at its helm, we remain devoted to furnishing you with the highest quality items and support available today.


We Offer Various Cooling Services

Don’t worry if you have doubts about our services; we guarantee top-notch repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement solutions anytime. Our team is available 24/7 in case of an emergency or urgent need for assistance with the following vital services:

Air Conditioning

Maintaining a comfortable environment in your home or office is essential, hence why our air conditioning service should not be overlooked. High-performance air conditioners are at the forefront of comfort management, providing optimal temperature regulation and satisfaction.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient in beating the heat and keeping your residence or business cool on sweltering summer days. This is achieved by transferring warm air from inside to outside, giving everyone a refreshing blast of cooled air!


Geothermal systems are not just the most efficient option currently available. They also offer long-term benefits, making them an ideal choice for property owners. By extracting heat energy from the ground, geothermal technology can cool and warm your home or business with minimal maintenance requirements.

Mini Split System

If extending your forced-air system is unfeasible, then a mini-split or ductless heating and cooling solution could be ideal. Retrofits and extensions are the most popular applications of these systems in America today.

Get All Those Services and More with a Simple Three Step Plan

  1. Contact us quickly and easily – visit our website or call (503) 623-2341.
  2. Once we have identified and accurately gauged your needs, our team will create a personalized solution catered perfectly to you.
  3. By selecting our services, you will be guaranteed to receive high-quality work from the start of our work.

Home Comfort Inc. Is the HVAC Company You’ve Been Looking For

Don’t let the sweltering heat take away your comfort in the future – Home Comfort Inc. is here to ensure that doesn’t happen! We provide top-notch service and a team of experienced professionals who have already helped many customers in similar situations as yours. Reach out today and allow us to restore your property’s cozy atmosphere immediately!