If you’re just getting started with indoor farming or have been doing it for a while, then you know that growing anything is tough, more so if you’re not green-thumbed.

Horticultural plants need a good environment to thrive, and if you’re planting them indoors, you can’t depend on the natural climate alone to create this environment. That said, the most important investment you can make for your agricultural venture is installing a reliable HVAC system.

At Home Comfort Inc., we help farmers and agricultural business people like you to set up the best conditions for plants to thrive on indoor farms. Whether it’s a greenhouse, container farm, vertical farm, or vineyard, we’ve got you covered. We operate across Salem, OR, and surrounding areas. So, call us to discuss how to make your indoor garden the best it can be.


What is Agricultural HVAC, And Why Do You Need It in the Salem Area?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC systems are responsible for regulating temperatures and air quality through air movement between the indoors and outdoors. With more farmers turning to the indoor farming technology industry due to the worsening climatic conditions, HVAC plays a critical role in controlling and maintaining these artificial farming environments.

Just like a home or car HVAC system maintains a good atmosphere around you, an agricultural HVAC keeps air and temperature conditions favorable for plant growth regardless of how unfavorable the climate is outside. So, why do you need to install an Agricultural HVAC? It helps you control temperatures within your indoor farm; It enables you to set the right humidity levels for your crops; It gives you control over the ventilation conditions.