Heat pumps are efficient, effective, and quite versatile. They are one of the few HVAC systems that allow for summertime cooling and wintertime heating, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice. No matter how great and well-maintained your HVAC system is, it will require repairs at some point.

It is important to schedule a repair call to prevent more significant problems at the first sign of a problem. Below are some of the most common repairs your system may experience.

  • Refrigerant leaks: Your heat pump works a lot like an air conditioner, utilizing the refrigerant flow to transfer heat from one place to another. Refrigerant is necessary for your heat pump to work properly in winter and summer, so you can expect some significant issues if there is a leak. A leak in the line means that there just isn’t enough refrigerant in the line to properly absorb and transfer heat, which in turn can cause damage to the compressor.

  • Iced-over outdoor unit: The outdoor coil is where the heat is absorbed in winter and released in summer. While it is common to see a layer of frost on the outdoor unit during winters, the heat pump should be running a defrost cycle to get rid of this frost to avoid ice build-up and subsequent blockage. If this ice build-up and blockage happens, it’s essential to contact a technician right away to prevent the entire system’s breakdown.

  • Broken reversing valve: The reversing valve is what allows the flow of refrigerant to reverse, enabling you to switch between “heating mode” and “cooling mode.” Sometimes the reversing valve may fail and become stuck in one position. When this happens, the valve will likely need to be replaced, something a skilled technician can easily do for you.

  • Electrical failure: Your heat pump uses electricity to power the compressor and the fan motors. This means that electrical failure is quite common. Often various electrical components will need to be replaced, which a skilled technician can help you with.

If you are unsure about repairs, or would like to talk to a technician, fill out the form below or give us a call: (503) 623 – 2341


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