The Best Furnace Repair Services in Salem & Dallas, OR

Furnaces are often the biggest (in size and cost) component of any central heating system. So, you will want to ensure that you get a unit that addresses your needs, is reliable, easy to service, and efficient.

According to Energy.gov, “heating is the largest expense in the average U.S. home, accounting for about 45% of energy [costs].” Doing your research for furnaces will help you keep them running well and save you time and money.

At Home Comfort Inc., our company supports the community around us in the Salem area, making it comfortable all year round. If your heating and cooling system are not working as they should or you need a new solution, call us immediately for 24/7 service.

Furnace Heating

Furnace Repair Services in Salem, Oregon

Buying a high-quality heating system is a great start, but it’s only part of what you need to heat your home efficiently. That is why you should deal with a professional from the start. When the cold season kicks off in Oregon, your heating system will only be as good as your HVAC technician.

Whether getting a new furnace installation, replacing your old furnace, needing air conditioning repair, changing out a dirty air filter or faulty heat exchanger, fixing the heat pump, or doing routine furnace maintenance, our team at Home Comfort Inc. is your ideal partner:

When it comes to furnaces, filters are often overlooked. They are one of (if not the) most important part of a…

Servicing your furnace on an annual basis ensures that your system runs at peak efficiency.

Furnace Heating

Deciding if, and when, you should upgrade your furnace is a big decision. To make sure you….

Furnace heating

One of the worst feelings is waking up cold in the middle of a winter night. Here are some of the most

HVAC Service Technicians

Almost 70 Years Of Experience Providing Services For All Types Of Furnaces

In the Northwest, we typically see 3 types of furnaces: electric, oil, and gas, and each work differently. Get an expert who knows how to install or repair your specific type at home or in the office.

Here at Home Comfort Inc., we can also handle any air conditioning equipment.

1. Made To Measure Air Conditioning Solutions

Our air conditioning services are tailored to your house needs. Once you partner with us to install a new heating system in your home or office, we send certified technicians to measure your home and determine which furnace size is ideal for a comfortable home.

We are happy to show you the latest equipment, from mini-splits to heat pumps. Then, they identify the best place to keep it while leaving enough space to run optimally.

2. Professional Furnace Services

We use the right technology to ensure the ductwork is high quality and does not leak. Our team has experience installing the latest ductless heat pumps in your residential or commercial property.

3. Save Costs

Gas furnaces are the most cost-effective for your home. However, you may find yourself installing another heating system for some reason. Whichever air conditioning system you settle on, ensure that you get a professional installation.

At Home Comfort Inc., we have perfected our trade, guaranteeing that certified technicians will only handle our installations to save you from leaks, malfunctions, and damage.

4. 24/7 Availability

Your emergency service calls will never go unanswered as our team is always waiting to help you. We serviced homeowners and commercial businesses in DallasSalem, and Stayton


After years of use, a furnace may stop working optimally, even with minor repairs or part replacements. High energy bills and physical damage should prompt you to replace your old furnace.

We can advise on the best indoor air quality systems if you need a replacement.


Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

Choosing the right furnace for your new home can seem daunting, and we want you to make the best-informed decision possible. We will help you determine the correct amount of square footage you will be heating and cooling to fit your needs optimally.


A furnace designed for an 1100 sq ft. home would not be well suited for a 2300 sq ft. home, as it would require the unit to work much hard to keep you comfortable. This extra work can shorten the life of the HVAC equipment by as much as half.


The next crucial thing to consider is the correct vent and intake (supply and return) locations. We can help ensure that your home’s system runs at peak efficiency. 

Is It Time to Call A Furnace(HVAC) Professional?

Inspect your air conditioner before the heating season starts to ensure it is in perfect working condition. Inspect your air conditioner before the heating season starts to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

As Part Of Routine Maintenance- Your furnace needs to be serviced yearly to run smoothly.

Here are signs to make that air conditioning equipment service call:

  • Dirty Air Filters- The furnace filter accumulates dirt over time, and only a NATEcertified technician can safely unblock a dirty filter. Change the filter every quarter to keep your heating costs low and prolong the life of your unit.

  • The Fan Is Running Nonstop. The furnace fan should only run when it is heating the house. If yours runs nonstop, it could signify serious furnace problems.

  • Bad Odor. Beware of leaks that leave your home or closet with a rotten egg smell. A leaking gas furnace can cause a fire. Fix the problem before it sparks a fire.

  • Rattling Or Whistling Noise. Dirt, loose screws, and a misaligned blower wheel could all be responsible for the strange sounds in your furnace. Schedule an air conditioner repair service to diagnose and fix the problem.


Are You Looking For Furnace Specialists to Service Your Furnace Needs in Salem, OR? Home Comfort Can Help!

Making your residential or commercial property in Salem, Oregon, energy efficient at a low cost is crucial. Whether you are doing a new installation, repairs, or regular maintenance, you need to hire the services of a professional. Proper installation of air ducts will give you quality air in the house and save you money on costly repairs and energy bills. Home Comfort Inc. offers high-quality furnace and HVAC services to make your home the most comfortable place you can ever be.


Call us to learn more about types of furnaces and how to choose the right furnace for your needs.