One of the biggest worries when purchasing an AC unit for your home is how much it will increase your electricity bill. Whether you have a portable AC, packaged air conditioner, or split HVAC system, you want to get through the harsh summer without a spike in your energy bill.
Here are indoor AC tips to keep your home comfortable while saving money on your electricity bill.

Proper Air Conditioning Installation

The easiest way to save money on electricity bills is to properly install your new HVAC system. Incorrect AC installation makes the unit work harder. This reduces its durability and efficiency, increasing your electricity usage.
Get certified air conditioning technicians in Salem, Oregon, to handle the installation. A local handyperson may be cheaper but may not complete the installation properly, which can void your HVAC warranty.
At Home Comfort Inc., we provide hassle-free installations to ensure that you enjoy the flawless performance of your Air Conditioner for a long time. Call us today to get your heating and air conditioning system installed by trained technicians.

Protect Your Home From The Sun

The Department of Energy estimates that 76% of sunlight gets into the house through your windows. The sun heats your home unnecessarily, causing your heating and cooling system to work harder and thus increase the amount of electricity used to cool your home.
Consider planting shade trees around your house to block the sun and keep your home cooler. Planting broad trees on the west and east sides and taller ones to the south will block some sunlight from hitting your roof and windows.
Window screens, solar screens, full-length curtains, and mesh window screens can help block up to 70% of the solar energy coming through your windows. This makes a huge difference in your electricity bill, especially during the summer when Oregon is sweltering hot.

Stay On Top Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

An inefficient HVAC system raises the cost of heating and cooling by up to 30%. This can add up to several thousand dollars over the life of your air conditioner. Yearly maintenance is crucial to ensure continued peak efficiency.
We recommend cleaning or replacing your air filter at least twice during the summer. You may need to replace your filter more often if you have pets in the house or a lot of dust.
Beyond changing your filter your evaporator and condenser coils need periodic cleaning, so contact our trustworthy technicians. We’ll clean out any debris, leaves, twigs, and dust that has settled in the coils.
During service, our maintenance technicians will also check for bent coils, and damage to your fan that may be blocking or reducing airflow and provide a full and proper tune-up on your AC unit.

Choose The Right Energy-Efficient Rated Air Conditioner

Heating and cooling systems come with an Energy Star rating that helps estimate their efficiency. The highest rating of the air conditioning unit is five stars, while the lowest is 1.
A 5-star energy-rated air conditioning system will cool your home more efficiently than a 1-or-2-star rated system. If you’re unsure about the correct sizing, talk to our HVAC specialists; we will help you find the best option that fits your space, budget, and needs.

Get Smart With Your Thermostat

Keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees while at work and dropping it to a super low temperature when you get home doesn’t cool your home any faster.
It could cause excessive cooling and a higher power bill at the end of the month. However, You can save up to 10% on your power bill if you keep your thermostat adjustments within a 4-8 degrees range throughout the day.
Using a smart thermostat to adjust to your ideal temperature before you arrive home works wonders on your comfort level and can even reduce stress.
Consider setting the AC fan speed on high, except for humid days when the speed should be lower. A slower AC fan speed helps remove moisture from the air, thus ensuring more comfort for homeowners.
Smart thermostats are a great investment as they allow you to program the temperatures for different times of the day. It enables you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and can be operated remotely.
Another trick is to place the thermostat in an optimal location. The Department of Energy recommends putting it on an interior wall, away from direct sunlight, windows, skylights, drafts, and doorways.

Seal All Air Conditioning Leaks

The goal is to heat and cool your home, not the entire neighborhood. Therefore, insulating your air conditioning system makes sense to minimize electricity costs. Look for places where air leaks out and seal them to keep the cool air in. Adding weather stripping to the draft doors and windows is a good start.
You should also ensure that you caulk or seal the areas where dryer vents, electricity, plumbing, and other utilities enter and exit your home. The chimney is also an avenue for escaping energy. Sealing any cracks can help save on air conditioning costs.
Beyond these DIY fixes, we can help you get the most out of your air conditioning by inspecting, repairing, and wrapping your ducts to ensure you’re not leaking any of the precious air.

Ventilate The Attic

The roof absorbs 30% of the heat coming into your home. You can reduce the cost of air conditioning by ensuring that the attic is well-ventilated.
Attic fans or ridge vents are a good start. Consider having a roofing company insulate your roof.
Use the 1/300 rule for residential ventilation. Every 300 sq ft. of enclosed attic space requires one sq ft. of ventilation. Half of the ventilation is at the exhaust vents and the other intake. Soffit ventilation, which combines an intake and exhaust, is the industry standard.

Seek Professional Air Conditioning Services

Perhaps the best way to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank is by enlisting a quality service technician in Salem, Oregon.
At Home Comfort Inc., our professionals can help with air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement. We have the right equipment to fix any air conditioner breaks that may be causing excess energy use.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing unsurpassed air conditioning services.

Have A Faulty HVAC System? Get In Touch For Air Conditioning Repair

You want to do everything to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter without overspending.
Fortunately, the simple tips mentioned above can have a huge impact on your electricity spending. If you want help with any of the above, contact our heating and AC repair expert in Oregon.
Our technicians will perform diagnostics and handle any repairs, ensuring the very best in reliability and energy efficiency—Call (971) 260-9553 to get a free estimate today.

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