air conditioner repair in salem & dallas, oregon

You count on your air conditioning unit to cool you down during heat spells, so if it fails, it can be not only a frustrating experience but also a scorching experience.

Below is a list of some of the most common air conditioner problems. If you are unsure about a problem you encounter, please give us a call to schedule one of our outstanding technicians to come out to your home and help you get your air conditioner back up and running.

Below is a list of air condiitoners and what’s special about them:

  • Air conditioner is not turning on: Replace your thermostat batteries (this happens more often than you would think). If your thermostat has new batteries, but the AC is still not turning on, take a look at your circuit breaker. You can reset it by turning the switch off and back on. If this doesn’t fix your issue, give us a call, and we can send a technician out to inspect your system.

  • Air conditioner is not blowing cold air: Check and, if necessary, replace the filter. A dirty filter can clog your unit and prevent proper airflow. If this happens, your conditioner simply won’t blow cold air. Filters should be part of your regular maintenance and should be replaced every month.

  • Air conditioner leaks: if the refrigerant in your system is leaking, you should call a technician as soon as possible to address the leak. Fixing the problem early can prevent further issues such as damage to the compressor, coil freezing, and worse.

  • Air conditioner is louder than usual: while some noise is expected with your unit, a hissing, thumping, banging, or rattling sound may signal trouble. Call us to schedule a technician to come out and take a look.

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